Why Ed Byrne? Balance, Experience & Expertise . . .


I’ve lived in Boulder for 36 years, raising a family, working, playing, and volunteering with friends and colleagues throughout Boulder County. I want to ensure that your voices and concerns are heard and understood by City Council.

Boulder’s great, but we must continue to evolve – we’re not done yet! The challenges we face are regional in scope, but often neighborhood-specific. Council needs to listen better, reach out to people who are often not heard, and find more effective ways to engage everyone in shaping our future.We’re all in this together. We need all hands on deck!

We must budget and spend your taxes wisely. Fiscal accountability requires a discerning eye and a sharp pencil. Having worked for the City and in the private sector, I have both.

As a community, Boulder is blessed with compassionate hearts, creative minds and abundant resources. We can lead the way towards environmental sustainability, economic resilience, social justice and innovative housing/transit solutions. If we don’t, who will?

When I hear good ideas, I try to make them a reality. They can come from anywhere, but every great innovation needs to be observed; then, it can be raised up and supported.

This is what I have done my entire life. It is what I hope to do on Boulder’s City Council.

Please vote for ED BYRNE on (or before) November 7, 2017. Thanks!


Together, we can meet any challenge, but I need your support, too!

Please get involved in my election campaign this fall: study the issues, speak to your friends, volunteer, donate, put up a yard sign, host a home event – there are many ways to help. Let’s git ‘er done!


1Channel 8 video [2013]: City Council Campaign Platform – 3 minutes – please share the link with your friends and colleagues!

Background on the Race.

There are nine seats on Boulder’s city council. People representing a broad cross-section of the community and a balance of skills and experience should fill them.

Matt Appelbaum and Andrew Shoemaker are stepping down. We will miss Matt’s hard-earned understanding of the City’s policies and history and Andrew’s planning and legal acumen. I’m asking for your vote because my 36 years of community service and relevant experience in Boulder will replace some of what we will lose when they retire.

Proven Planning Expertise.

I understand planning principles that have stood the test of time: walkable neighborhoods with wonderful village centers that support local businesses, decrease traffic congestion and provide flexible housing options for the elderly, young families and in-commuters. CU should build more housing for its students and staff, and our we should expedite exploration of housing opportunities within industrial and commercial zone districts.

Focus on Essential City Services.

Boulder’s key city services such as police, fire, transportation, water, libraries, senior centers and parks and rec must be adequately funded to protect our quality of life and to ensure we are prepared for events like floods and fires. While I support renewing and reallocating the Culture and Safety Sales Tax, I’m opposed, generally, to this earmarked, patchwork approach, particularly with respect to essential city services.

Economic Understanding of Environmental Goals.

I will help businesses that support our local economy stay in Boulder by addressing local workforce housing and transportation challenges, and by opening a regional dialogue to more effectively take them on. I will lead the city to improve our commercial codes to attract and retain progressive, innovative businesses that share Boulder’s social and environmental values.

Effective Governing Strategies.

Local governments shouldn’t try to solve every problem with an ordinance. We need to focus our resources where they will do the most good and be more effective. I believe that we should use all the tools in our municipal tool kit including incentives, education and partnerships – because not every problem is a nail.

Vision for the Future.

Thanks to the Blue Line and Open Space acquisitions, and while we pursue a cleaner energy supply, we can now focus on improving our town – the “inside” of our incredible natural setting – with innovative, sustainable and walkable neighborhood design. Regionally, we have hard-earned knowledge to share, including what works and what doesn’t. We must foster more cooperation within our commuter-shed because we’re past the point where Boulder can meet all its challenges within our city limits – local caps have had many unintended, negative consequences!

I hope I can count on your support now, and your vote November 5th. We’re all in this together!