In Boulder, What’s The ACLU To Do?

August 7, 2010

It must be difficult for Boulder’s local chapter of the ACLU to find public policies to challenge. On the political correctness scale, Boulder has to be off the charts. What’s a local chapter to do? How do you keep your members engaged and fulfilled?

Picking on the Boy Scouts in some parts of the country is probably fair game, but I’ve seen no indication that Boulder’s local troops deserve to take a hit, just because the national organization’s prejudices are out of step with the times. We too often take for granted the potential public schools have to serve as community gathering places. In some of our residential subdivisions, there is literally nowhere else people can get together without jumping in their cars. Schools are paid for with everyone’s taxes and they should be open to all. The local ACLU should focus their slings and arrows on legitimate local targets. Had they been Boy Scouts (disclosure, I was one), they’d have learned this.

With mandatory sentences putting too many of the wrong people behind bars, some nuance in the deprivation of prisoner freedoms is warranted. Sheriff Joe Pelle gets that. Prisoners are allowed to communicate with their legal representatives in sealed envelopes, but we don’t want predators chumming for future child victims, or felons intimidating witnesses using sealed envelopes sent from behind our prison walls. A pre-approved list of family and friends could also be created for each prisoner, but I’d leave that to Sheriff Pelle’s soundly exercised discretion.

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