Vote – or Else . . .

Vote – or Else . . .
August 13, 2011

We have only ourselves to blame. The answer is simple: VOTE! Hold your nose if you have to, but vote – every time. If negative ads turn your stomach, and both major party candidates use them, vote for the one whose ads you dislike least, or vote for a third party candidate . . . but vote! It matters. The only way to reclaim our democracy is one vote at a time.

Think about it. Negative ads are not designed to get people to vote for someone. They are designed to STOP people from voting for the other candidate. And they work. They work by reducing overall voter turnout. Given the return on investment, elections are a “blue light special” for monied interests. Turning party primaries into partisan gate-keepers reduces the price even further. With moderates from both parties drawn and quartered in the preliminary bout, gerrymandered districts ensure that hatred of compromise is a congressional entry requirement.

Ironically, in Boulder, the real challenge is to hold onto your direct mail ballot, which arrives in early October. Recycling instincts kick in. Resist! Store it in a safe place (refrigerator magnet, anyone?) until you’re ready to vote. Do your homework. Dig a little deeper this year. Think for yourself. Be skeptical about the ads that sound too good (or cynically outrageous) to be true or fair. Then strike back using the one weapon all the money and power in the world can’t take away from you (except in Florida), your vote.

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