2011 Boulder Election Results

2011 Boulder Election Results
November 5, 2011

More than 26,000 people voted, 48% of those receiving ballots. During our last off-year election (2009), only 18,353 (29%) city residents voted. Direct mail worked this time. Give PLAN-Boulder, the Sierra Club, New Era, and Renewables: Yes credit for turning out their supporters, winning a close fight over 2B and 2C, while also electing their preferred city council candidates: Suzanne Jones (ran a near-perfect race for a newcomer), Lisa Morzel (best showing by an incumbent) and Tim Plass.

Boulder’s business community is as green as any in the world, so we might have added entrepreneurial thinking and spreadsheet expertise to our council mix, without placing Boulder’s environmental stewardship at risk, but that didn’t happen. Fortunately, Ken Wilson and George Karakehian were re-elected.

Boulder needs a resilient economy that can meet current and future challenges. Land use policies that have made Boulder a special place may no longer be effective in addressing climate change, or providing work force housing and good jobs. Too many of Boulder’s employees – more than 50,000 of them – commute to Boulder every work day. The vehicle emissions and carbon footprints of in-commuters diminish Boulder’s air quality. Their civic contributions add value elsewhere. Let’s build housing in Boulder for our workers, reconfigure our sprawling neighborhoods, grow more of our own food, and enhance our regional transportation options.

A recent suggestion that we can “solve” the in-commuting problem by sending existing jobs to neighboring towns is nuts. We can’t win the future by remaining prisoners to our past.

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