Guns on CU’s Campus

March 10, 2012

In the interest of full disclosure, my wife and I, with 5 other people, were held hostage for two very frightening hours in 1981 by a man holding a snub-nosed .38 and wearing a silk stocking over his head. From my perspective at the time, the odds of disarming the guy were not good (about ½-inch of the barrel extended beyond the palm of his hand). We made no foolish mistakes and all of us survived unharmed, but I hate guns, particularly hand guns.

Concealed weapons are a trap for the unwary and a tragedy waiting to happen. I’m confident the NRA keeps us informed every time a concealed weapon saves a life. Yet I read countless stories of kids shooting their friends while playing with their parent’s guns. Being in the same room with someone cleaning their gun also seems to be a very bad idea. Countless studies have shown that guns are far more likely to be used to kill someone the shooter knows (domestic violence, dispute with a friend or roommate, fellow workers, etc.) than to prevent harm.

The Supreme Court can not be blamed for interpreting the statute and concluding the University of Colorado was not empowered by the law to prohibit concealed weapons on campus. The law carved out specific exceptions, but failed to mention CU. My expectation is that the legislature will amend the law to authorize the University (and other educational institutions) to prohibit guns, but not without a fight. Bring it on.

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