Eldora EIS Project Support

July 21, 2012

I support the Eldora Mountain Resort (EMR) improvements. They involve the expenditure of millions of dollars for new high-speed, wind-resistant lifts and on-mountain facilities. Eyeballing the Master Plan, more than 95% of the new trails lie within the existing permit area or on private land. Two small triangular additions on the south side permit the new Jolly Jug express lift to be added, providing additional intermediate trails and a second Challenge summit access option. Extending the northern boundary line about 300 feet to create additional runs and the express Pacer lift will provide accessible runs and a lift operable even in windy conditions on the Corona side.

The improvements proposed are carefully tailored to address real deficiencies while modestly increasing the area’s footprint. With relatively minor tweaks along the northern and southern edges of the existing ski area, the “comfortable carrying capacity” (guests spread out on lifts and terrain) will be increased by 33%, and nearly 100 new jobs will be created.

Skiers are, by their nature, dedicated supporters of the environment. Alpine and Nordic skiing provides healthy outdoor recreation on trails (gladed, “podded” and cleared) that serve as wildlife habitat during other seasons of the year. The challenges associated with I-70 limit our access to other resorts, so EMR has become an increasingly popular alternative for Boulder County and other Front Range residents who ski. A slightly bigger EMR will be considerably better. Register your comments at www.eldoraeis.com.

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