Aurora Theater Slaughter by Holmes

July 28, 2012

6,000 rounds of ammunition. 2 Glock handguns. 1 pump-action shotgun. An AR-15 (M-16) with a 100-round drum capable of firing 50-60 rounds per minute. All acquired within the past two months. Is there no division at Homeland Security in a position to connect these dots?

Elected officials are so intimidated by the NRA that their instinctive reaction was to immediately disavow any attempt even to tweak the nation’s gun control laws. The NRA has expanded its focus to promote legislation exonerating those who intentionally shoot others. The organization’s absolutely tone-deaf response to the Aurora slaughter of innocents was to express dismay that no one else in the theater was packing. As though more bullets from other sources firing blindly in a darkened theater filled with smoke would have reduced the carnage? Somalia is not the answer.

The shooter was deranged. His planning was diabolical. Yes, he might have found other means had the weaponry listed above not been so readily available, but dammit, why shouldn’t we raise the bar? Does anyone hunt ducks, deer or elk with an AR-15? The 2nd Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms is premised upon a belief that “a well-regulated militia (is) necessary to the security of a free state.” If you want access to assault weapons, join the National Guard. Keep M-16s and multiple round ammo clips under lock and key where the Guard gathers for training. This madness has got to stop.

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