Bohn Firing by CU

June 1, 2013

Mike Bohn deserved far better than to be blithely thrown beneath the Buffs’ bus. Imagine what it must have been like to voluntarily assume responsibility for the flotsam and jetsam in the wake of the Barnett/Tharp shipwreck. Only a person with the enthusiasm, commitment and home town ties Mike possesses would have said “yes” to the offer. Don’t be surprised if the next Athletic Director for the University of Colorado is paid 2-3x what Mike was willing to accept. No good deed goes unpunished.

The residents and leaders of the City of Boulder owe Mike Bohn a debt of gratitude for his exemplary service not just to CU, but to all of us. Soon after his appointment, my son and five of his friends threw a graduation party in North Boulder Park. All were former North Boulder Little League (NBLL) players. Marlyn Bohn, Mike’s mother, was the heart and soul of NBLL for decades. Somehow she learned of the gathering and, in what must have been one of Mike’s first community outreach appearances, he showed up to congratulate them. Thanks, Mike!

It didn’t stop there. The Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Boulder, Inc., and virtually every other community organization that bothered to ask found Mike ready, willing and able to light up the room with a fire-breathing, no-holds-barred pitch for the Buffs, and also for Boulder. Mike brought town and gown together again. The Buffalo Stampede should be his enduring legacy.

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