Colorado Legislative Priorities

January 12, 2013

First, do no harm. Second, starve the trivial, feed the significant. Third,. the enemy of good is perfect. Fourth, water flows towards money. Fifth, government must know its limitations. For Colorado governance, that about sums it up. We don’t need to starve our beast, it’s already on life support. No one wants to pay more taxes, but should we consider doing so to secure our own future? To avoid squandering our children’s?

Colorado’s Democratic legislature and Governor are now in charge. A majority in both houses unfetters our leaders, but it’s not a blank check. Public sector partnership with the private sector requires a subtle hand, but delivers the best results. Open lines of communication and policy-making transparency are minimum requirements. Let’s get started!

Colorado must continue to lead the way in development and deployment of renewable energy resources. We must also provide effective incentives for energy-conserving rehabilitation of all our commercial and residential structures. Water conservation should be equally important. Another year of drought could have catastrophic consequences.

Tourism should be encouraged (visitors spend their money, often without using our schools, hospitals, police or fire departments), and TABOR should be rescinded (the selfish fingers of Douglas Bruce must be pried off our economy). Regionalism needs to be developed as a governing principle. Creating incremental regional retail sales taxes to share will generate a small pot of money local governments can spend only through genuine cooperation. What a concept!

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