Open Space Tax Extension 2013

May 11, 2013

Will there ever come a time when the City will finally declare victory concerning the open space acquisition program? If we are able to complete the right-of-way acquisitions, if any, needed to complete a bicycle trail circumnavigation of Boulder, may we conclude that success has been achieved?

One of the ornaments attached to the new vision plan is the Trail Around Boulder (TAB). However, the TAB places bicyclists on the Broadway bike path from the City’s southern border to Kalmia in North Boulder, so it doesn’t really go “around” the west side of town. Will mountain bikers, some of the most enthusiastic supporters of past open space ballot referenda, be willing to support a plan that again places all the park land west of Broadway off limits to them?

The 2,825 acre Layden Gulch property was purchased by the City of Arvada, Jefferson County Open Space and the Denver Water Board in 1999. It lies south of Coal Creek, more than 7 miles south of Boulder’s City limits. The City is exploring purchase of approximately 900 acres to prevent the Denver Water Board from constructing a dam and/or to prevent Jefferson County from authorizing development of the site, if the Denver Water Board decides not to build a dam.

In a world where fiscal constraint should result in meaningful distinctions between “must haves” and “want to haves,” Layden Gulch, with apologies, does not appear to be Boulder’s problem.

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