Municipalization Vote-to-Vote Initiative

May 17, 2013

Because you can, does not mean that you should. Today, Xcel fessed up: they’re behind the “vote to vote” initiative. No surprise there. My question: how many electors are willing to sign it? DON’T! After carefully poll-testing the ballot language, we’ll be voting, again, about issues that will still not be fully vetted – the City’s efforts to complete its approved homework assignments are ongoing. The vote comes before the results will all be in.

This feels like a snipe hunt to me. Hundreds, maybe thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) of dollars will be spent trying to prove, again, the existence or nonexistence of compelling evidence that the City definitely should buy – or would be crazy to even consider buying – the pipes, wires, and substations of an energy distribution network we hope to eventually make obsolete. All because folks with Xcel’s ear believe the ballot referenda fought to a standstill, but “lost,” in 2011 (the occupation tax, 2B, won 13,353 to 13,141 [212/26,494 = +.8%]; the plan, 2C, won 13,784 to 12,757 [1,027/26,541 = +3.9%]), can be defeated in a newly contrived pitched battle.

Great. Before the exhaustive and exhausting, taxpayer-funded, city staff absorbing, exploration process is completed, we must endure yet another rate-payer- and taxpayer-funded (we pay for both) second bite at the apple. To what end? For purposes of further delay (only Xcel benefits)? To confirm/refute the initial results? By how many votes?

What a waste. Just say “NO.”

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