Secession Proposed by Weld County

June 15, 2013

With a slim majority, Democrats pass some modest gun registration and rural electric energy mix laws and it’s time to form a new state? Seriously? An absence of moderates has few from either party problem-solving together in our current state capitol; how does forming a new one meaningfully bridge this divide?

Our communities of interest are so much greater than our differences. The magnitude of our governance, economic, social and environmental challenges is daunting. In this context, talk of “secession” is both frivolous and irresponsible. Do the math. Where, from Colorado’s rural areas, will the money be found to create the armature of a new state? The revenues from such areas pale in comparison to the cost of state-provided services provided to them today.

Respect, civility and active listening is the only way forward. There are important, legitimate points of view held by both sides, but in a democracy, majority rules (except in the U.S. Senate). The minority lives on to fight another day. HOW they choose to “fight” determines whether they become the majority again.

“We’re leaving” is no way to sustain the sort of dialogue that is essential to a functional democracy. Abandoning the field of play to create a new one is a concession: we can’t compete. Such posturing also feeds intolerance and should be called out for what it is: selfish and unhelpful. Stick around. We’ve got work to do, and we need your ideas, too.

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