Nederland Drug Abuse Tragedy

July 13, 2013

My heart aches for both families. My brain can not fathom how a parent survives either circumstance. Wisdom is hard to come by when faced by such a tragedy.

Young adults are fearless when it comes to risky behaviors. They seem drawn to them like moths towards a flame. Although our educational system tries to help with life skills programs ranging from “Just Say No” to recommendations for responsible use, clearly, neither parents nor schools can meet this perennial challenge alone. Society, generally, and our community, specifically, have roles to play, too (it truly “takes a village”), but ultimately our children, when temptation knocks, will be alone and under great pressure to go along.

Our culture has made some progress recognizing, begrudgingly, that addiction to alcohol is a disease, and experimentation with harder drugs can prove fatal, but “addiction” is too narrowly defined, and the allure of drug use is both seductive and beguiling. When you’re immortal, what have you got to lose?

Life is a precious gift. It will come to an end. “Self”-actualization, depending on one’s perspective, is either a fool’s errand or the only real reason we exist. Very few adults (myself included), let alone young people, have successfully wrestled this conundrum to the ground. Addiction, in all its many forms, and substance abuse exist and are continually fed by this quandary. Let YOUR light shine. Don’t go towards the light ‘til you’re darn good and ready.

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