Why You Should Support Ed Byrne For City Council (from the candidate)

Hello. My name is Ed Byrne. In 1981, my wife, Anne, and I moved to Boulder because we thought it would be the best place in the world to raise a family. It was. Conor, Erin and Kathleen thrived at Foothill Elementary, Centennial Middle School and Boulder High, and we’re very grateful.

With your permission, I’d like to serve on City Council to help this great city become even better – for our children and our children’s children.

Together, we can make it happen. That’s how we’ve always done it.

To secure our water supply, we bought the Arapahoe glacier in 1905. The 1907 Olmsted plan identified urban parks we now enjoy. The Blue Line was passed to protect our mountain backdrop. In 1968, we voted to tax ourselves for open space that now defines our urban growth boundary. The Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan extended our planning reach into eastern Boulder County, but it has had unintended local and regional consequences.

The question is, “What’s next?”

I was Boulder’s Municipal Prosecutor for 6 years, and Director of Operations for Colorado Ski Country USA for 6 years, before returning to Boulder in 1994 because Boulder was rapidly becoming a “resort” town.

We still risk losing our wisdom and our youth. The elderly can’t afford to stay and young people can’t gain a foothold here. Even middle class families are choosing to live elsewhere. The result is that 55,000 employees commute into Boulder every work day. Like it or not, they’re part of our carbon footprint.

More than 50% of our residences are rental units- some, but clearly not all, are well-built, well-maintained, energy efficient and well-managed. Others need work, and we must CREATE – not eliminate – economic incentives to repair, renovate or expand them.

Government has to know its limitations. Not every problem is a nail, but too often, city council only brings its hammer. Boulder’s progressive business community is not the enemy. Partnering with the private sector works. Educating consumers does, too. We should do more of both.

Boulder can’t save the planet with policies that set peoples’ teeth on edge, cost a lot of money, and don’t work at a regional level. We can encourage many of our in-commuters to come home by building the sort of housing they prefer, in neighborhoods they will love, and in locations already served by our multimodal transit system.

We must also support CU, the federal labs, and the clean tech, bio tech, outdoor recreation, and local agricultural businesses that make our cutting-edge socio-economic goals achievable. We all benefit from a strong, innovative, and resilient regional economy!

Balance and Experience matter. I’ve relied on both to write Editorial Advisory Board Opinions on a wide variety of issues since 2007.  To read them, visit ByrneforCouncil.com

Finally, Boulder’s city council governs most effectively when a broad cross-section of our community’s “DNA” Is represented. With three moderates retiring from the council, I would like to ask you to give me just one of your five votes.

Thank you for your consideration.

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