Some Advice for CU Students (8/20/2016)

Welcome to Boulder, first year students. If you’re from the East, Midwest or Northwest, our climate will surprise you in wonderful ways. Our low humidity makes our hottest and coldest days much more bearable. Our winter storms are often followed by warm southwestern air, which softens the blow. Our winds can be fierce.

I hope your college learning experience includes life skills, not just academic studies. You will benefit as much from ideas shared with students and roommates as from what your professors teach you.

With your new freedom comes great responsibility. Take care of one another. Try to finish in four years (your parents will appreciate it, loans will be smaller). Don’t let your friends drive drunk. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Explore and develop your passions wisely.

Welcome back, sophomores, juniors and seniors. Many of you will now be living in Boulder’s neighborhoods. Take some time to meet your neighbors! We are not out to get you, but we are watching (and listening). The sooner you get to know us, the better. The circumstances of our first meeting will matter: best not to have the first one after midnight. Share cell phone numbers and email addresses with us, so we can easily contact you. Learn what you can about our lives, schedules and families.

One never knows when the connections you make in Boulder may help in the future. Never stop learning! After all, it’s why you’re here.

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