Time to Unplug Boulder’s Municipalization Effort

Ballot Issues:
2L (Muni Tax): NO
2O (Muni vote): YES
(if 2L passes, we still need to have a go/no go vote before issuing bonds;
2P (Muni exec sessions): NO I might have said “yes” to this, if Sam hadn’t added a poison pill – only discussions of taking a muni off ramp, ending the muni, must be held in a public forum. I’m not even sure how that could work, practically speaking.

September 19, 2017: Daily Camera question – Should Boulder continue muni effort? No. The game was/is rigged. Pull the plug. Let’s start saving electrons and stop wasting money. Sad, but true. The path may be “clear,” but I don’t believe we can get there from here any time soon – the condemnation and separation battles could be tied up in the courts for years and all the legislative hoops and hurdles, along with the PUC’s broad discretion, tilt these tables against Boulder. Boulder should re-purpose the money being spent on the muni effort to squeeze every joule of energy out of the electrons and natural gas Xcel sells to us, so we can kick the habit

August 28, 2017: Open Boulder Questionnaire – Municipalization? I am concerned that we will never be able to afford the price we may be required to pay Xcel to purchase their aging, increasingly irrelevant infrastructure. It would help if we had won a few of our lawsuits along the way. The costs to date, coupled with the delays, which seem to stretch well over the horizon, make it increasingly unlikely that buying out Xcel will be fiscally responsible.

In any event, Boulder’s voters must be given an opportunity to vote up or down on municipalization when all the facts are known.
In many ways, my opinion has not changed since we began our effort, but city expenditures have continued and even accelerated with no end in sight.

I’m no fan of the way Xcel has conducted itself during this prolonged struggle, either. There should have been a way to work together to reduce Boulder’s carbon footprint, but Xcel hasn’t offered a reasonable one yet.

I will wait to see what Council decides to put on the ballot before taking positions, but my sense is that Boulder’s citizens are becoming more interest in pulling the plug on this endeavor.

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