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Boulder’s Big Events

May 4, 2013

There may have been times when big events caused more of a drain on Boulder’s service providers than could be offset by sales tax revenues attributable to visitors attracted by them, but event sponsors and the City have learned from the mistakes and successes in our past. We have also learned how to more effectively protect our natural resources while deriving greater economic benefit from the visitors and residents who enjoy such events.
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Eldora EIS Project Support

July 21, 2012

I support the Eldora Mountain Resort (EMR) improvements. They involve the expenditure of millions of dollars for new high-speed, wind-resistant lifts and on-mountain facilities. Eyeballing the Master Plan, more than 95% of the new trails lie within the existing permit area or on private land. Two small triangular additions on the south side permit the new Jolly Jug express lift to be added, providing additional intermediate trails and a second Challenge summit access option. Extending the northern boundary line about 300 feet to create additional runs and the express Pacer lift will provide accessible runs and a lift operable even in windy conditions on the Corona side.
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Manning Up For Tebow

March 24, 2012

Manning-sanity? The Irsay family continues to create opportunities for John Elway, whose credible threat to play for the Yankees in 1983 caused Robert Irsay to punt him to Denver. This time, Elway waited for Robert’s son, Jim, to punt Peyton Manning, and then he hauled Manning in quickly. Fair catch!

Tim Tebow should ask to stay. Back-up QB in the NFL is a pretty good gig, particularly when Hall of Fame teachers have great wisdom to share. Tim has much to learn. Studying film and taking mental repetitions, while watching Peyton Manning execute a state-of-the-art, audible-at-the-line-of-scrimmage, NFL offense will enable Tebow to up his game while fine-tuning his physical gifts.
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