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As a former editor of the Daily Camera, I remember those leaders (and there were many) who fought long and hard to keep Boulder a great city and make it even better. Ed Byrne was one of those young, smart, high-energy, good-sense pacesetters. Let me tell you, he’s the same person today, but experience has made him even stronger. His dedication to the community in so many important roles make him a valuable asset well worth electing. – Barrie Hartman

I have worked with Ed Byrne ever since he was a Boulder assistant city attorney in the 1980s. As the governmental affairs director for the Chamber in 1996 and the two-time chair of the Chamber’s Community Affairs Council, Ed has always worked effectively to attract, protect and retain Boulder’s businesses. We need him on City Council to provide balance and expertise that we may lose with the retirement of Suzy Ageton, KC Becker and Ken Wilson. –  George Karakehian

Through the more than 30 years he has been a Boulder resident, Ed has worn a number of hats: outstanding land use attorney, dedicated parent, public school volunteer and coach, fund-raiser for his church, and Daily Camera commentator.  His balanced and open-minded views are what Boulder needs. – Frank Dubofsky

We have read Ed’s editorials in the Daily Camera and we have always been impressed with his clear thinking on issues. Ed is definitely someone we need on Boulder City Council. – Sally Schneider and Myrl Miller

Boulder needs solid leadership and experience. Ed has both. – Chris Hazlitt

I have known Ed for 30 years. Ed thoughtfully contributes to the community dialogue about what kind of city Boulder should be. He understands regional issues and is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive community. – Claire Levy, Colorado State House of Representatives

After working with Ed for more than 25 years, I can confirm that he works hard to find solutions to problems that challenge all of us. – Bob Yuhnke, formerly with Southwest Energy Efficiency Project

Please count on my endorsement in your campaign. I’m glad your are running. Council could certainly use your balanced views and common sense. – George Epp, former Boulder County Sheriff

I have known Ed since one of my kids met with him after a traffic violation. He was fair and tough. After hearing his advice for my son, I brought the others in to meet him before they received tickets. Ed will bring a unique perspective mixed with a lot of common sense to the Boulder City Council. I enthusiastically endorse Ed. – Steve Bosley, Founder, Bolder Boulder

Ed has been a tireless advocate for social responsibility, sustainability and intelligent problem solving. He’s a pragmatic balanced moderate who is willing to listen fairly to all sides of an issue. Ed has a firm grasp on the complex interactions between transportation, housing, economic vitality and the environment. He would make a great addition to our City Council. – Scott Rodwin, Rodwin Architects

I support Ed Byrne for City Council. His pragmatic approach to community issues would be a benefit to the City. He is approachable and will listen to all perspectives before forming an opinion. He’s a great guy and his love for Boulder will serve us well. – Stephanie Iannone, Housing Helpers

Ed will be a remarkable member of the Boulder City Council. His wit, wisdom and commitment to community are unmatched. Boulder needs Ed on City Council. – Ken Hotard, Boulder Board of Realtors

Ed has spent a lot of years studying the issues that affect our City and region. He has consistently advocated for the sensible approach, has an excellent grasp of the big picture, and actually is “fair and balanced.” He understands that true sustainability requires a much broader viewpoint than is normally considered. – David Biek, AIA

I am endorsing Ed Byrne for Council. Ed Byrne is a thoughtful, well balanced man who will bring wide experience and reasoned thought to the City Council. – Michael P. Dominick

Ed understands the issues. He will make a thoughtful and reasonable contribution to the council. Ellie Weldon

Ed’s passion for his community is a driving force and delightfully infectious! – Jane Newhouse

Ed is a calm and wonderful person. Maria Sterner

He’s a great Dad. – Erin Byrne

Elected & Appointed Officials who Support Ed Byrne Include:

  • Leslie Durgin, Treasurer
  • Bev Sears
  • DeAnne Butterfield
  • Will Toor
  • Claire Levy
  • Dorothy Rupert
  • Jean Dubofsky
  • Frank Dubofsky
  • Steve Bosley
  • Linda Shoemaker
  • Bill de la Cruz
  • Stan Garnett
  • Suzy Ageton
  • George Karakehian
  • KC Becker
  • Ken Wilson
  • Mark Ruzzin
  • Dan Corson
  • Bob Yuhnke
  • Angelique Espinosa
  • Rich Lopez
  • Gary Myre
  • Richard Polk
  • Gordon Riggle
  • Bob Greenlee
  • George Epp
  • Phil Shull
  • Adrian Sopher
  • Bill Holicky
  • Danica Powell
  • Tom Isaacson
  • Shelley Dunbar
  • Fenno Hoffman
  • Paul Saporito
  • David Biek
  • Stephen Sparn
  • Jim Martin (NREL)
  • Bob Yates
  • Spense Havlick
  • Jack Stoakes
  • Michelle Estrella
  • Jessica Yates

Other Notable Supporters Include:

  • Judy Amabile
  • David Adams
  • Alma, Richard & Jacque Alber
  • Karl Anuta
  • George (Terry) Aragon
  • Lou Barnes
  • Janet Beardsley
  • Marlyn Bohn
  • Steve Bosley
  • Wade & Suzy Brantley
  • Chris Brauchli
  • Buzz Burrell
  • Anne & Sandy Butterfield
  • Anne Byrne
  • Jessica Catlin
  • Tom Chamberlain
  • Bob Charles
  • Susan Connelly
  • Sharyn Corson
  • Shawn Coleman
  • Malcolm & Karen Daly
  • Bruce &Carleen Dierking
  • Bob Drake
  • Dean Fogerty
  • Nick Forster
  • Charles Goeldner
  • Lynn Guissinger
  • Heather & Josh Haginduff
  • Ed & Chris Halteman
  • Aaron Harber
  • Barrie Hartman
  • Val Havlick
  • Gail Heinzman
  • Lynn Hill
  • Jon & Liz Hinebauch
  • Ken Hotard
  • Chuck Hunker
  • Steve Jacobson
  • Peggy Jessel
  • Michael Johan
  • Faye Johnson
  • Cinda & Win Johnson
  • Bill & Martha Jones
  • Molly Evans
  • Annika Kumli
  • Emmy Kurtz
  • Maria Sterner
  • Dan King
  • Jesse & Margaret Kumin
  • Claudia & John Lainson
  • Brandy LeMae & Joseph Vigil
  • John Lashbrook & Ellie Weldon
  • Jim Leach
  • Burton & Sue Lee
  • Marcy Lockhart
  • Neal Lurie
  • Bruce MacKenzie
  • Eric Malmborg
  • Mimi Mather
  • Kathleen McCormick
  • Martie McMane & Alan Johnson
  • Ed Mills
  • Steve Montgomery
  • David & Tracy Nassar
  • Tina Nielson & Andy Littman
  • Jane Newhouse
  • Fern O’Brien
  • David O’Neil
  • Alexia Parks
  • Elisabeth Patterson
  • Susan Prant
  • Mark Queripel
  • Brady Robinson
  • Don Reed
  • Carol Riggs
  • Thomas Riis
  • Scott Rodwin
  • Nolan Rosall
  • Morgan Rogers McMillan
  • Pete Salas
  • Fritz Satterly
  • Judy Schilling
  • Zane Selvans
  • Julie & Bruce Shaffer
  • Ed & Deb Shapiro
  • Karin Sheldon
  • Marc Sotkin
  • John Tweedy
  • Jason Vogel
  • Deborah Voss
  • Kelly & Ron Wawrzynek
  • Linda Wolpert
  • Bob Yuhnke
  • Conor, Erin & Kathleen Byrne

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